Get started in four easy steps.



Choose your plan and apply

Have a look at our plans, and have a think about which one is right for you. If you're not sure, get in touch with us - we're happy to help. We recommend a Rent plan if you're a beginner driver. It's a great way to try out rideshare driving, and you can easily shift to a Rent-to-Own plan if you decide to continue.


Choose your kilometre band

With every rental, you can choose between a plan including 1,000, or unlimited kilometres - it's up to you. If you choose a 1,000 kilometre plan and drive further, you'll be charged a $0.14 fee per kilometre. Your included distance can be changed with a week's notice, so you can experiment and find out which one is for you.


Choose your caR

This is the fun bit! Give us a call to talk through the available cars. Once you've decided, come and visit us with your documents (for a rent plan, we'll need your drivers license, proof of address, bank account details, and your driver profile on your rideshare app). Once you've found one you like, simply pay your $149 joining fee. We'll hold it for you until you're ready to sign up - usually on the same day.


Start Making Money!

We'll walk you through your contract, give you your starter pack, and you'll drive out the gate, ready to make money! From there it's simple. We'll get in touch when the vehicle is needed for maintenance, and we'll give you another one to drive while it's being worked on. Payments will be automatically debited from your account every Wednesday (for the previous week), and you'll receive an invoice that outlines any additional kilometres you drove - it's easy!