Mode is the leading supplier of vehicles to New Zealand's Rideshare drivers. Find out why.


from $185 weekly

Perfect if you're looking for flexibility, or wondering if rideshare driving is for you - a no strings attached, fully maintained vehicle.


from $185 weekly

All the benefits of a rental, plus you'll be eligible to apply for finance after six months (subject to a credit review & approval).



from $140 weekly

If you're a top notch driver, this is the easiest way to own your own vehicle, and own your own business (subject to a credit review).


We cover all bases, whatever stage you're at. Want to try being your own boss without the huge startup cost? Try out our Mode Rent plan - just fuel up and go. Committed to rideshare driving, but not sure if you're ready to stick with one car? Test the water with a Mode Rent-to-Own plan, and see if you want to commit to finance. Are you an experienced driver, who's ready to be fully independent and own your business? Get in touch about a competitive Mode Finance offer.

Rent, Rent-to-Own, or Finance - we do the hard work for you


When you get your vehicle through Mode Rideshare, you get a simple, easy to understand package that's there for you on the road, and in business. Here's the deal: