Why choose Mode Rent?


Mode Rent puts you in a well maintained, rideshare suitable car, on a low weekly fee. It's perfect for new drivers, or if you want to test the water before committing to owning your vehicle.

We have two plan options, so you can choose how you drive. Have a look below:


What's included in my payments?

  • A rideshare suitable rental vehicle for both personal and business use
  • Full comprehensive insurance, suitable for rideshare driving ($1,000 excess)
  • Scheduled maintenance on your vehicle, including servicing, tyres, repairs, COF checks, and registration
  • 24/7 Mechanical Roadside Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline
  • A replacement vehicle when maintenance is required


Choose your vehicle

(Examples only, please get in touch to find out about currently available vehicles.)